What to do when you Visit

Marloth Park

Enjoy some Birding

Whether you are a pro-birder or have never tried this special hobby, the birdlife here is stunning!

Where can I go Birding?

You have many options here:

Make yourself comfortable and relax on the porch of your HelloKruger! accommodation and enjoy birding right here!

Put on your walking shoes or get into your car and go to the edge of Kruger on the Crocodile river and enjoy the birdlife (and other wildlife!) along the fence of Kruger National Park.

Visit the Bee Eater Hide – just south of Henk van Rooyen Municipal Caravan Park.

Explore the Lionspruit Game Reserve inside Marloth Park – feel free to ask us for directions!

Lastly – but certainly not least – enjoy birding on your trips into Kruger National Park. This will make your time there even more special!

What will I need to go Birding?

A Bird book – please feel free to make use of our library!

Binoculars – if you own a pair, they will be instrumental in a great experience.

Camera – keep track of the beautiful birds you get to see by taking photos!


Feeding the animals


It is important to make sure that you feed the animals with approved pellets – feel free to ask us where you can purchase this locally. We must urge you to be extremely cautious – remember that these animals are still wild. Please keep a safe distance (behind a barricade is highly recommended) and avoid feeding most of the animals by hand – Kudus are the only animals we feed with an open hand.

Animals that should NOT be fed:
Banded Mongoose

Visit Kruger National Park

Kruger is the reason why many choose to come stay in the first place, but being the size of some small countries, can make it difficult to decide where to go! If you choose to stay with us, we are here to help you.

Natural Treasure Hunt


If you have kids (or if you are a kid at heart!) please let us know if you would like our specially designed Natural treasure hunt checklist! This fun activity can be enjoyed around your accommodation or on a walk along the Crocodile river!


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